The Oasis

The Oasis is a weekly community night, where there is something for everyone! 

Thursdays from 630-8pm

A Kidzone will be available for the younger kids (Age 0-Grade 1)

Art streams for older kids (Grade 2-8)

Kids sign up for an art stream for 9 weeks and are able to focus on that specific art form

The art streams that we are offering this block (Oct 6-Dec 1)  are film making (gr. 5-8), puppet-making & puppeteering (gr 2-8), scrapbooking (gr. 2-8), and children's choir (gr. 2-8)

There is a cost of $10/child or $25/family for the Art streams.  This fee covers the full 9 weeks

**Sponsorships are available upon request - we don't want anyone to miss out**

, A free Cafe and Board Game Area for teens and and adults.

A weekly evening where you can get away from the weekly schedule and errands, and find yourself in an oasis - a place where you can just be and find yummy goodies and community.

***Click here to register online.***

Kids signing up for Art Streams need to register by Sunday, October 2nd.  

Adults and teens do not need to pre-register