Spiritual Growth Initiative

We are asking each person in the congregation to meet with a pastor to think and pray about which grow area they would like to focus on in 2018 - Peace, Joy, Gentleness, Self-Control. We will also look to choose one behaviour you would like to stop & one behaviour you will like to start or improve upon. Once a month on the same Sunday of each month we will gather together with others in the church in the same growth stream. This gathering will run from 9:00am-10:00am and will include teaching, discussion and prayer. We will do monthly challenges and celebrations of the victories God has brought in our lives!

ερήνη (eirēnē) PEACE is a state of wholeness and harmony with God that overcomes anxiety, fear and conflict and allows the believer to live in positive relationship with God, self & others.

χαρ (chara) JOY is a permanent possession of the soul, produced by the Holy Spirit and not dependant on circumstances, it allows us to see the beauty of Christ in the world in all situations

πραΰτης (prautēs) GENTLENESS is submitting your thoughts, emotions and reactions to God, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your words, actions and responses to reflect God's heart and be rooted in his grace, strength and mercy

γκράτεια (egkrateia) SELF-CONTROL is a gift given to us by God's Spirit, it produces in us the ability to say "no" to our desires and passions and frees us to live a better life that is based on who God intended us to be